Study 1

AID (Assistance, Improvement, Development): A community-based participatory research approach promoting the early detection of, and vaccination against, COVID-19 and enhancing the adoption of self-protective measures in HK


The ultimate goal of the proposed study is to mitigate COVID-19 risk in HK communities. Objective 1: To equip community partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement appropriate interventions for COVID-19 prevention. Objective 2: To carry out community-based education programmes for improving early testing for COVID-19, increasing vaccination rate and enhancing self-protection measures against COVID-19 in HK. Objective 3: To determine the most sustainable and suitable community education model and use it on a large scale across different communities.


Features of the ‘AID’ Research Project

    At the earliest stage, communities and organizations will join ‘train the trainer’ workshop to know the progress of the activity and be passion for the activity. 

    During the intervention, participants will receive health education about COVID-19, vaccinations, early-testing and self-protection, also they will receive COVID-19 related health tips in order to help them reduce vaccine hesitancy. 

    Based on different characteristics of research partners and population, individualization and multiform of health education activities will be given. 

    During the health education activity, on time information posted by the government will be monitored in order to answer questions asked by participants. Also, to monitor the effectiveness of health education and to improve the engagement of participants and the validity of health education.

List of NGOs currently participating in the AID Research Project

A&A Oriental International Limited, Wellness Social Service Centre Limited, People Service Centre Limited, Christian Family Service Centre-Tokwawan Dental Clinic, Christian Family Service Centre-Kwun Tong Dental Clinic, Christian Family Service Centre-Podiatry Services & Dietetic Services, Christian Family Service Centre-Physiotherapy Service & Health Centre; Hong Kong Mutual Encouragement Association-Jane Shu Tsao Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Hong Kong Mutual Encouragement Association-Cheng Yu Tung Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, and Succeed & Advance Hong Kong (SAHK).

LOGOs of Collaborator

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Target Population

    Research partner

(1) local community NGOs (2) company and business employers and (3) teachers in middle and high schools


 (1) HK residents aged 18 years or above  (2) high risk of exposure to COVID-19 and (3) middle school students and their parents.

Contact Us

Dr. Grace Yaojie Xie 

Principal Investigator for Study 1

Dr. Quanzhi Zhang 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Yingqian Chen

Research Assistant

Longben Tian

PhD Student

Qingling Yang

Research Assistant

Project Outcomes

Progress of the Study 1

  • Date:Ongoing
  • Duration:Ongoing
  • Eligibility:

    (1) local community NGOs

    (2) company and business employers and 

    (3) teachers in middle and high schools

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