Study 2

Digital Health Literacy on COVID-19 for All: Co-creation and evaluation of interventions for ethnic minorities and Chinese people with chronic illnesses in Hong Kong


Digital health literacy is the capacity to access, understand, evaluate, and apply health information from electronic sources, which is an important attribute that everyone should possess. During the COVID-19 pandemic, DHL is an issue encountered by people of all ages, especially ethnic minorities, people with chronic illnesses, and caregivers. This study aims to develop Digital Health Literacy interventions, co-create the interventions with ethnic minorities, Chinese people with chronic illnesses and caregivers in Hong Kong, and assess the efficacy.

  • Target for ethnic minorities*, caregivers and chronically ill people(*Ethnic minorities refer to Filipinos, Indonesians, Indians, Nepalese and Pakistanis living in Hong Kong)
  • Co-create the intervention with the users (general public); Use short videos/online materials/Facebook to reach out
  • Build up digital health literacy / vaccine literacy and improve vaccination rate
Target Population
  • Phase 1. We will conduct interviews with the users of the interventions and identify the problems and concerns about DHL. We work together to identify resources/solutions and formulate a plan.
  • Phase 2. We will invite 20 users to use the intervention as a trial.
  • Phase 3. We will invite 156 users to use the intervention and test the efficacy.
Contact Us

Prof. Angela Leung

Principal Investigator, School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Project Outcomes

Facebook Learning Group to improve your Digital Health Literacy

  • Date:Feb 27, 2023 – June 2023
  • Duration:
  • Eligibility:

        aged 18 years old or above

        Hong Kong residents

        people with chronic illness OR caregivers OR ethnic minority

        able to use a smartphone and own your phone

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